Natural or organic insecticides used to kill ants.

Kill AntsI have tried the following methods below and I am eager to share which method of killing ants would be the best and most efficient without spending too much expense.Natural or organic insecticides are those which come from natural resources. Boric acid, is mixed with other things like sugar and boiling water. It can also be mixed as borax soap with sugar and water and is safe to use around pets and small children. 

The mixed solution can be sprinkled along the entry points of the houses and apartments or campers. The ants carry the mixed substances into the ant hill and feed it to the queen ant. Little do they know that they were just carrying poison back home. When the queen ant consumes this, it dies and leaves the colony with no other queen to reproduce infant ants. Therefore, the whole single colony is destroyed.

Another natural insecticide to use as an ant control is cayenne pepper, made into a liquid and used as a spray. Pepper plants can be grown for this purpose. Hot peppers are also used to control or kill other insects.

Corn meal can be used as ant control; it’s a low-cost alternative to poisonous chemicals. It’s a food the ants like to eat, but can’t digest. How this works is that it is believed that when ants eats the corn meal and then drink some water, the corn expands inside their stomach and causes them to explode and die.

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I am not an entomologist, but this idea works for many weeks to rid yourself of mother nature's pesky buggers. Use 1/2 cup borax and 1/2 cup icing sugar and mix well. Do not put this mixture on grass but place it along driveways or inside your home where ants are seen amassing. Ants are one of nature's most resilient creatures, and soon you’ll see them disappear as they’ll be attracted to the icing sugar to take morsels to their hidden nest and lay a death trap for others. The borax is the secret killer, and soon you will see no signs of them for several weeks, but re-apply later to keep them out. It is a cheap fix to a problem many suffer. It is much better solution than harmful chemical costly sprays that are dangerous to pets, children and the environment. Good luck and enjoy the summer without these pests lingering about. Kerwin Maude