Kill Ants

Hi Everyone! Here are some of the ways i used to get rid of Ants which were destroying my garden and backyard. I got mixed results. Some methods worked out well but some did not even had any effect on the Ants. I personally uses the Multipurpose Liquid Cleaner with orange oil which i find is the fastest way to kill Ants instantly but i don't know if the liquid cleaner would do any damage to house interior. It shouldn't damage common surfaces such as tiles, woods since it is supposedly a multipurpose cleaner liquid.

1)The first idea i tried to kill the Garden ants was to use Multipurpose liquid cleaner with Orange oil that you can get from Dollarama Store for $1. I used it to kill the garden ants and found that they die instantly as soon as they come in contact with the liquid. My Garden is a lot better than before now.

2)Then i bought Liquid Ant Baits. I got them from Canadian Tire or Walmart for $3.99 or Above. They came in 100ml size but I only needed a few drops to use on ants. I put the ant baits near the ant hills and in a few days time, the ants came back bigger and more scary. COOL DOWN! They look bigger because their body were bloating from the poison that they just ate. Eventually, i found all of the ants dead by the third day and the ant hills gone. I must say this was one of the best easiest method to wipe out Ants. NO SWEATS!

3)I read about alternately, putting some chilli powder and garlic powder on ants trail or near ant hills. This disrupts their trail and they were sent scattering away which discouraged them from building ant hills. But the problem was that there were still alive and came back more in numbers.

4)To destroy ant hills and the rest of the worker ants instantly, i used boiling hot water. I Poured boiling hot water on ant hills. For better result, i mixed some white vinegar with the boiling hot water. I also mixed another solution of hot water with glass cleaner (Windex/Multipurpose cleaner). The hot water killed the ants instantly but the next day, they were back to look for a place to build ant hills again.

5)Another method was i used Diatomaceous Earth (DE). Diatomaceous Earth consist of the sedimentary deposits formed from the skeletal remains of a class of algae (Bacillariophyceae) that occurs in both salt and fresh water and in soil. When the tiny razor-sharp particles comes in contact with ants, they cause many tiny cuts, resulting in loss of body fluids. DE is the secondary ingredient in a variety of insecticides. DE being a natural product is harmless to mammals and birds and is digestible by earthworms. This item was expensive, it worked for a while but it didn't stop the ants from coming back.

6)A very important thing to note that most people ignore or forget, was to keep the garden or house very clean. If there are leaves, stones, dirts and tree branches in the garden area, there is bound to be ants.So, I cleaned up my garden and didn't leave any tree branches or stones lying around as ants like to build ant hills in these places. I fixed any wall or floor cracks since ants start their nest from within the holes & Cracks. This proved to be effective because i believe that the ants could not find anything left to eat after i cleaned my garden and backyard. Still the ants kept coming back but lesser in number.


Anonymous said...

very interesting..but try to put some pics next time.. it'll get more interests

Anonymous said...

dollarama no longer sells that spray. all similar sprays are $1.50. the nerve
they do however carry ant baits

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